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VIDEO | Is there an eagle’s nest on North Diamond in West Bend, WI?

West Bend, WI – A large bird has built a very large nest overlooking North Diamond in West Bend, Wi. By the size of it, the nest appears to belong to an eagle.

The spot is perfect territory for feeding as it’s right along the Milwaukee River and, aside from game time, the location is rather secluded.


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While there appeared to be some activity inside the nest, it’s pretty deep and no large birds were visible. There were small birds that landed around the nest, possibly feeding on insects.

There was nothing but large sticks on the ground beneath the nest.

Chime in if you’ve seen any activity or could identify the bird that built this.

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  1. That has been an osprey nest for past 3 years that I’m aware of. Fun to observe while at granddaughters baseball games.

  2. Osprey is the most likely. Eagles like Cottenwood as demonstrated with the nest at the Richfield exit and the nest in NEWBURG along the M river.

  3. As I drove by on Monday the 20th, I saw two Bald Eagles in the nest! White Heads! Someone had stopped and was taking pictures!

  4. I have seen the bald-headed Eagles at this nest and I have seen the babies standing on the edge. This is a return visit they were there last year as well

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