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VIDEO | Look at these turkeys on 18th Avenue in West Bend


March 27, 2018 – West Bend, WI – Love is in the air on 18th Avenue in West Bend as a couple of toms were strutting their stuff around noon on Tuesday.

According to an article, 17 Things You Never Knew About Turkeys by Laura Firszt, the “male turkeys… spread their handsome tail feathers in a display aimed at attracting a mate, similarly to peacocks. Females are much less impressively befeathered; contrast their dowdy browns and grays with their hubbies’ reds, greens, and coppers.”

Also interesting – turkeys blush. Their heads and necks can turn red, white or blue if they are “overcome by emotion. Fear, excitement, illness, or romantic interest all may inspire this colorful reaction.”

The heads of the toms were a bright blue.

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