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VIDEO | Rebroadcast of 2019 Memorial Day Parade in West Bend

May 27, 2019 – West Bend, WI – Beautiful weather to start Memorial Day and it kicked off with a spectacular parade in West Bend. Hat tip to Steve Rohde and the parade committee for a fabulous event. Also a note of thanks to Bob from the old Hofert’s Auto Repair for lending the bed in his pickup truck for use as our studio today.

The parade had viewers from around the world including Australia, Florida, Ohio and seniors from Cedar Community were happy with the live broadcast.

Jane Knoeck0:00 Great to see down here in FL..Gerry and Jane Knoeck.
Hello to all of you!!!
Renee Newton Reese1:08 Hello, from Kent, Ohio

Todd Paul Sullivan0:00 Just viewed in Sunnybank ,Qld. ,Australia … (shout out to Bob, thank you for the platform for recording) really brings back the memories of WB for me and the dedication of the town for this celebration of Memorial Day. Loved ❤️ the bands !

One note of correction the trailer of veterans photos was created by Scott Mindel and his students. It was not the trailer made several years ago by Jeff Szukalski from Jeff’s Spirits on Main.

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