VIDEO | Rebroadcast of candidate forum for Dist. 3 and Dist. 7 alderman in West Bend


March 30, 2020 – West Bend, WI – Rebroadcast of candidate forum at West Bend City Hall. Candidates were for Dist. 3 alderman and Dist. 7 alderman in West Bend vying for April 7 Spring Election.

Dist. 3 – Brett Berquist – Went to UWWC, 25 years in Military and 3 deployments, retired WBPD. Public safety, growing community and responsible with tax dollars. Top issue is roads and attracting new business.

Dist 7 – Oscar Estrada – Dist 7 – lived here 11 years with two daughters. Eucharist minister and member of Knights of Columbus.

Dist. 7 – Justice Madl – incumbent. Biz owner in Barton. Increased pressure on PD and be careful to remain safe. Work with new mayor and plans to roads. Make Barton safe and clean.

Dist. 3 – Mary Ann Rzeszutek – recently moved from W. NY. WB is a beautiful place to live. No agenda and can look strategically at issues. Works PT at WB public library. Want to be active member of community. Experience with local government. Was in manufacturing with Kodak Co.


What qualities do you bring to council that would benefit district and community

OE – 29 years of experience and working with customers. I would work united. Would spend more time listening. Improve and grow WB. Quality of products and people and drive cost out but doing right thing for people of WB.

JM – direct line to how people in district feel about issues

MAR – I’m a good problem solver. Good at communicating. Broad background. Experience to spend money wisely. I would treat taxpayer money like I do my own

BB – I like working as a team. I can see the big picture and help communicate. As a former PO I can think on my feet. I’m just one person but I want to work for taxpayers.


If your campaign is successful how will it affect area biz

JM – HBBA has put on 10 local events. Installed bike racks. I’m already doing it.

MAR – I have experience in biz and residents of Dist. 3 are concerned about empty stores. Thriving bizz mean thriving community.

BB – positive impact. I shop local. Work as a team and I’m going to rely on others and learn about developers agreements and special assessments. Look out for what’s best for the community.

OE – My strength is working with biz around the world I know how to develop growth and bring people into the city of WB. I’d look at marketing and our great safety factor. Key is to develop trust and respect, understanding, sincere, and providing time to listen to taxpayers to help grow home.


What’s more important building more homes and commercial space or rehabbing, expanding existing storefronts?

MAR – Using the existing storefronts and space is important. Effectively fill empty stores

BB – It’s a fine line. We don’t want to be stagnant. Don’t want to limit housing. Empty buildings – it would be great to encourage business growth and development. Biz are in biz of making money. Yes, City is involved but important to allow them freedom to want to come here. Teamwork is important to get to the point to benefit biz and community.

OE – WB is home. Attractive part is the local stores. Are times other biz are needed. There are opportunities for us to grow.

JM – there has to be a combination. Can’t always afford to tear something down and build new. Bermico building needs to come down.


City roads are hottest topic in community and should city spend more to address problem

BB – We’ve been trying to address it. Important to be part of the solution. Instead of tearing up roads how about just resurface and make a short-term fix. If a road needs to be replaced then it has to be considered.

OE – if we can do assessment by district and look at worst roads by volume of vehicle. Try something different – look at it from total cost of operating. Review bidding process and rate bidders. Look at all corners of WB to please everybody.

JM – City has PASER rating to rate the roads. We’ve improved debt situation. Roads are tough

MAR – Spoke to city engineer. There is an evaluation process along with traffic count. City has prioritized roads and it’s a good plan to follow. City does a good job to fix roads when it coincides with sewer and water repair. Suggests taxpayers may be ready to spend more.


One thing to be done at govt level to have biggest impact on WB

OE – public safety. Want to make sure people feel safe.

JM – staff. New marketing person.

MAR – better communication.

BB – teamwork. The important thing is the taxpayers. People want someone to listen to them.


How are you different than other candidates

JM – I have an ability to connect with my constituents

MAR – I’m learning about the city, have an open mind and clean slate,

BB – I have strong communication skills

OE – I’m more like a coach and help to get the best out of people


What challenges no one has started discussing yet

MAR – safety. And fund WBPD and WBFD funded adequately

BB – where do we want to go from here. What are our priorities

OE – Barton Park improvements

JM – Improve downtown Barton

What does a successful term in office look like to you

BB – work on issues and find important things to address and work towards a better community for all

OE – build trust with constituents, provide support with biz and increase activities for all ages

JM – I’ve been very successful the last two years. New banners, bike racks, Christmas décor, don’t know how I could do more

MAR – have a good relationship with residents


Polls open at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

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