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VIDEO | Recognition Week at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (Fine Arts) | By Megan Himm

May 16, 2019 – Jackson, WI – This is Recognition Week at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School in Jackson. The focus on Wednesday was to recognize students in the fine arts: art, band, choral, theatre, and state vocal and instrumental medalists from 2018.

Seniors who excelled in each section were recognized and awarded.


National Choral Award

Molly Krajcik, Tevelis Winslow

Class of 2019

State Vocal Medalists

Molly Krajcik, Clara Leckwee, Rebecca Loescher, Olivia Schaewe, Tevelis Winslow, Savannah Zarling



John Philip Sousa Band Award

Elizabeth Bieberitz

Louie Armstrong Jazz Award

Collin Cerny

Woody Herman Jazz Award

Grace Amundson, Elizabeth Bieberitz

Class of 2019

State Instrumental Medalists

Elizabeth Bieberitz, Amy Deibert, Carissa Egelseer, Elaina Guse, Amber Heider, Emma Herriges, Benjamin Klemp, Grace Loeffler, Lauralee Robinson, Tevelis Winslow



Excellence in Theatre

​Molly Krajcik, Clara Leckwee, Rebecca Loescher



Most Valuable Artist

Yue (Jessie) You

Dedication to Art

Jenna Jahnke

Thursday will be the recognition of student-athletes.

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