VIDEO | Reminiscing about first jobs picking green beans and working in the delicatessen

Sept. 3, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – On this Labor Day we celebrate the workforce and first jobs. During a morning chat Gene and Judi reminisced about their first paying jobs.

Gene earned 2-cents a pound picking green beans in West Bend.

“We were picked up at the West Bend Lithia Brewing Company and we got into trucks,” he said. “In order to make more money we’d put rocks into the gunney sacks.”

Judi worked in a ma and pa delicatessen. “We used to slice ham on Sunday mornings,” she said. “As a kid I was using the slicer without the guard and I sliced the end of my finger off.”

Gene also worked at Schultz Brother’s Dime Store in downtown West Bend.

What was your first job?




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