VIDEO | Test run Wednesday night at Enchantment in the Park



Nov. 16, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – There were nine volunteers hoofing around Regner Park on Wednesday night, bracing against the wind and taking notes as Mike Phillips led a turning-on-the-lights tour of Enchantment in the Park.

“Now this key, the longest key in the bunch, opens this door,” he said.

Phillips was wearing a headlamp – something he recommended for the job.

“Flip the switches with the blue tape,” Phillips said. “This will obviously be much faster because you can make these rounds in the car.”

The group walked in the dark from one segment of the display to the next. Through the warming house and down into the bowels of the Strachota stage. It smelled musty and old and looked like a bomb shelter. It was awesome!

Enchantment in the Park at Regner Park in West Bend kicks off Friday, Nov. 24.

The annual light show collects money and food donations for food pantries across Washington County and Menomonee Falls. More details and a full schedule of special events are available by clicking HERE.

Be sure to make note – the popular Disney night is Thursday, Dec. 7.

Husar’s Diamond Dash is Sunday, Dec. 3. Click HERE to register.

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