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May 27, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – There was a big announcement at Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County as the West-Bend based nonprofit was presented with a Purple Angel indicating it is now a Dementia Friendly Organization.

“We are now an official Dementia Friendly Business,” said Interfaith executive director Janean Brudvig. “It was a great training and hopefully more will consider doing it.”

Interfaith Caregivers helps seniors in the community get to appointments on time. Volunteers also help with grocery shopping, house cleaning, snow shoveling and yard work and there’s even an opportunity for students to learn how to give back to seniors.


Percolate is a monthly event that gives volunteers a chance to meet new friends, share some coffee and sweets and find out a little bit about what Interfaith Caregivers does for people in the community.

Watch for a note in the mail about an upcoming Percolate PM on Wednesday, June 6.



Giving time to Interfaith Caregivers is a rewarding experience.

Whether it’s driving a senior to the doctor, getting a group together to clean up an elderly neighbor’s yard or simply folding a fresh load of laundry, your time makes a real difference! In the end, don’t be surprised if you forget who’s helping who.

h.e.l.p. Corner Accepting Donations of Durable Medical Equipment

Do you have gently used medical equipment you no longer need taking up space in the garage or basement?  Want to spring “clean it out” and help a neighbor at the same time? The h.e.l.p. Corner is currently accepting donations and would love to hear from you! H.el.p. Corner has been busy and sometimes find ourselves short on equipment like wheelchairs, seated walkers, and knee scooters.

The h.e.l.p. Corner is a community health equipment-lending program, designed to provide Washington County residents with access to gently used durable medical equipment. Equipment available for use during a short-term illness or injury; it may also be loaned on a longer-term basis for individuals living with a disability. There is a small $10 or $20 deposit required, depending on the item. Your deposit is refunded when equipment is returned in clean working order.

The h.e.l.p. Corner is a community partnership of the Aging and Disability Resource Center, The Threshold, Inc. and is operated by Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County. It is located at 2354 A W. Washington St. on the south side of the LVS Center. Please call 262-339-4147 for current hours or to set up an appointment.  H.e.l.p. Corner is staffed by volunteers and hours are subject to change.

For more information you may also visit our website: www.helpcorner.org or our Facebook page “Help Corner of Washington County.”


help corner
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