VIDEO | Town of West Bend Board tables action on closing boat ramps

August 14, 2018  – Town of West Bend, WI – A full house during Monday night’s Town of West Bend Board meeting.

There were a couple of hot-topics on the agenda. Town Chairman Jim Heipp asked to table action on the closing of boat ramps in the town. “We’ll put it on hold until further notice,” said Heipp.

Citing a lack of communication from the Department of Natural Resources and attorneys regarding public access Heipp called to table the action.

Heipp cited a couple statues from the DNR regarding public access and said he received a notice from the board’s attorney that the statutes weren’t clear to them either.

“We’re going to put our decision on closing the ramps on hold until we get further information from the DNR,” he said.

Town Supervisor Jeff Geib seconded the motion. Supervisor Frank Carr was the only dissenting vote.

“My reading of that DNR requirement has to do with permanent closings and not temporary closings,” said Carr. ”It seems quite clear to me in the regulation that is a permanent closing and not a temporary closing. So that’s why I’m voting against the tabling because I don’t believe it applies in this set of circumstances.”

Heipp said he wants to have further discussion and more facts before making a decision.

Other highlights from the meeting:

Rental properties on Big Cedar Lake: Town of WB is zoned R-1 residential. Town will have to look at businesses being run and renting out their docks. Heipp said this was a zoning ordinance and a violation of town code. “We’re going to have to figure out how to enforce that because you people have way, way too many boats on that lake,” said Heipp. “And the boats aren’t people who are lake residents or people who are just coming in on Saturday and Sunday.”

-Fleet Farm access on County Hwy Z: Fleet Farm laid out designs with the West Bend Plan Commission last week regarding its new 190,000-square-foot store on Highway 33 and County Hwy Z. During the pitch to the city Fleet officials said they would only have access roads off Highway 33. During Monday night’s Town Board meeting Heipp said the city, state, and county are satisfied with that plan however the DOT wants an access road off County Hwy Z. That plan is still in discussion.

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