May 2, 2018 – West Bend, WI – There’s still some life left in the old Lithia Brewery in downtown West Bend and it comes in the form of a baby owl. The mother is there too; she just happened to fly out while filming.

The pair are nesting in what appears to be a vent in the side of the building. It’s on the second story on the southeast side of the old brewery. The giveaway can easily be seen as a streak of dung empties out below the nest along the side of the building and below on the ground are remnants of some of last night’s dinner. (Lots of hairballs and a carcass of a squirrel…. not for the faint of heart.)

Neighbor Ric Koch moved into Rivershores and was out for a bike ride when he spotted the nest. “At least someone gives a hoot about the old brewery,” he said.

A good deal of time was spent trying to identify the species of owl. Great horned and barred owl were among the top two guesses.  The video below, courtesy Property Restoration Professionals shows a fluffy baby in the back of the nest.


I have a call out to Lac Lawrann Conservancy to get a bit more details on the owls and their habits. Stay tuned!