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VIDEO | What kind of bird is this in Washington County, WI?

West Bend, WI – Walking on Sixth Avenue in West Bend, WI and heard a different sort of bird call. This little guy was sitting pretty high up in the tree. The neighbor came out. She heard it too and both of us were stumped. Any thoughts?

There was one guess that it was a red-tailed hawk. However, the color red is missing. It was more of a dusty grey or black with a white breast.

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Is there an app for bird calls?

UPDATE: Best answer so far ia from Arthur Schroeder – I believe that is a Coopers Hawk. The appearance and call are similar. After the Coopers Hawk finishes, you can hear squirrels sounding the alarm way in the background. The Coopers Hawk will use its’ call to its advantage, it perches as you see here, calls, squirrels panic in the background and head for safety which actually makes them easier to spot, the Coopers Hawk then attempts to intercept the panicked squirrel before it reaches safety. If you have a backyard bird feeder, you’ll see the Coopers Hawk hanging around, if you ever find blood and feathers on the snow that means the Coopers Hawk found lunch on one of your feeders. Sometimes you can see them intercept the bird right off the feeder, other times you’ll spot them hovered over their kill in your backyard ripping it to pieces for lunch. Gruesome, yes, but that’s nature at work!



  1. Check out Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab. It’s a free app. It identifies the birds as it hears them and keeps a running list for each listening session.

  2. I agree, Cooper Hawk. Same type of hawk sits in the tree close to my patio, and waits for the sparrows to fly in and out of the Evergreen bush, which is right by my patio door. Every now and then, the Hawk gets a meal.

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