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Village of Jackson weekly update by John Walther

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Village of Jackson Police Department

For the second consecutive year, a private company ranked Jackson as the 5th safest community in Wisconsin based on the 2014 Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). Most of the other top-ranked places are lower density incorporated townships, making this even better. With our low crime rate, though, a slight up-tick in any UCR category would knock us further down on the list, but it’s nice to have the distinction for two years.
Officer Brinks bagged intoxicated drivers on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Officers have been called to an unusual number of “pulseless non-breathing” (PNB) calls, providing CPR and attaching the AED for possible shocks until Jackson Rescue arrives. Unfortunately, none of the victims have survived.
Fire Department
Monday night the JFD toured Cost Construction and Avalon Precision Metalsmiths to familiarize personnel with the building layout, fire protection systems, and any on-site special hazards.
Wednesday night the JFD hosted the Washington County Fire Training Committee meeting.
Joint Parks and Recreation
The JACC hosted the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture meeting on Wednesday. We have become the ideal location for many of their meetings.
The Jackson La Crosse Club held its spring registration at the JACC on Wednesday evening.
Wednesday the Joint Parks and Recreation Committee met. Mr. Gordon Goggins and Mr. Jeff Hamilton presented the concept of a Mobile Beer Garden event to partner with the Joint Park & Recreation Department. Kelly will be working with Gordon on the planning.
Spring/Summer Activity Guide planning meeting is February 26th. Our goal is to have it to the printer by April 20.
Easter egg stuffing

The Village of Jackson is looking for donations of individually wrapped candy to stuff approximately 2,500 eggs. They can be dropped off at the JACC anytime before March 16th. Better yet, bring them with you at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 16th and help us STUFF THE EGGS! We need many volunteers to get the eggs stuffed. Call Jess if you can help at 262-677-9665.

The Irish Family Dinner is March 5. Get your tickets ASAP ($8 for adults and $5 for kids 3-12). In addition to the wonderful home cooked corned beef dinner, there will be music from The Celtic Company, Rambler, and Frogwater.
The Community Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, March 19 – We also need volunteers to help on Easter Bunny Event Day from 8 to 10 a.m.
Building Inspection
The rough plumbing was completed in the first 12 family building in Cranberry Creek Phase 4. Progress continues on the rough framing of the second building.
Jim attended a plumbing code seminar on Friday in Milwaukee for his plumbing inspector’s license.

Public Works
The Jackson Water Utility is continuing work on meter changeouts, Digger’s Hotline locates, and radio installations. The broken altitude valve spring has been replaced in the blue water this week allowing the blue tower to be the controlling tower on the water height in the towers. We are back to full capacity in each tower. The spring has required replacement every three years. We are investigating why it is not lasting longer. The chlorine line at Well No. 5 has been replaced. The larger meter testing program has been completed for the year.
The Street & Parks Department conducted routine building and other maintenance, cold patching, and replacing broken trash containers. The 2003 patrol plow truck had the cam sensor replaced by Lakeside International. The painting in the Building Inspection and Engineering areas of the Village Hall was completed this week. The remainder of the carpeting will be installed on Monday. We are on schedule to have the project done by the end of the month.
At the WWTP, the jetter truck is back from Bruce Municipal for battery issues as well as the installation of the electric kill switch sponsored by CVMIC. We jetted and televised the sanitary sewer in Wilshire Drive in advance of the proposed construction project. The Vac Truck is at Jackson Truck Body for the conversion of the new chassis from the old.
A kickoff meeting was held this week with Gremmer and Associates and Town and Country Engineering for the GIS system upgrade.
A total of 756 votes were cast (an 18% voter turnout) in the Feb. 16 primary election in the Village. Voters had the opportunity to experience the new voting equipment which “dings” after each ballot is cast. The late arriving absentees were canvassed Friday. Paula is working with the new voter system to record the poll book and new voter registration forms.
Assessment letters were mailed out to property owners for the Jackson Drive and Georgetown Drive projects. This allows the property owners to choose their payment plan on the final assessment amount.
The LC-664 – Manufactured Home Lottery and Gaming Credit was filed this week.
We are still awaiting confirmation of the mediation session ordered by the judge regarding the lawsuit against the Village brought about by the Town of Jackson and the Jackson Town Residents Against Attachment (JTRAA)
To follow up with the report of the Police Department; another company has rated Jackson the No. 3 safest community in Wisconsin in 2016 – none other than CreditDonkey! CreditDonkey is a credit card comparison and financial education website that aims to make personal finance “donkey-proof” (fun and easy to understand).


What a great community.

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