Wash. Co. weekly update by Joshua Schoemann

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General Updates
2017 Budgeting – This week was a very busy week as we began conducting budget meetings with every department, and County funded entity, in anticipation of August committee meetings.  I look forward to these meetings  as department heads and division managers have put in a significant amount of work to bring forward budget requests consistent with the County’s direction and priorities.  Balancing budget requests from department is always a challenge as we see at least $1.5  million in new expenses every year as the cost of doing business rises.  However, I am very optimistic that we will be able to progress towards our 4 goals in 4 years to solve some of our long term financial sustainability issues.


As these packet materials  become available, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about what you are seeing in advance.  Additionally, if you wish to see more detail, feel free to reach out to Jamie or I to coordinate such a discussion.


Tammy Anderson begins at ADRC – On Monday morning Tammy Anderson began her tenure as ADRC Director.  First thing Monday morning we had a nice meet and greet with the ADRC Team, welcoming Tammy and formally introducing her. I also  took this opportunity to introduce Matt Furno to the group, as he will be working closely with Tammy to mentor her as a new department head.


One final thank you to the ADRC Team for their professionalism and hospitality over the past few months!  Thank you!


Northern Reliever Route – On Monday I had a positive discussion with Town of Hartford Chairman Maurice Strupp.  As this potential project would have the greatest impact (in terms of construction and land acquisition) on the Town of Hartford I am working toward having more open and consistent dialogue about the project in general.


Meanwhile, SEWRPC took the feedback from the Public Works committee and continues to seek additional data, as well as minor tweaks to routes in attempt  to meet the committee’s goals.  The next public discussion will be on Wednesday, August 24 as part of the Public Works Committee meeting.


Health Department Merger

The first month of the official  merger of Public Health Departments has gone well.  We continue to work through challenges related to merging two uniquely run operations, specifically as it relates to policies, procedures and practices.  Next week our Administrative Teams will meet jointly  to review the recommended budget from the joint health board. Our ongoing thanks and appreciation goes out to our Health Department Team as we work through this innovative new service delivery approach!
We are very proud of you leading the State in this unique way!  Thank you!


State of the County Presentation – This week’s presentation was at the City of West Bend on Monday evening. I received a positive reception, and want to pass along the Mayor’s sentiments of appreciation for the improved relationship  between the City and the County.


Next week, I will be in the Town of Hartford, Town of West Bend and Town of Jackson.EDWC Annual Conference –
This year’s conference will be held on October 3 and 4 at the West Bend Mutual Ins. Prairie Center.  Attached is an e-mail invite from EDWC.  Please be advised that we have booked a table for each day.  If you are interested in attending the conference, please email me so we can get seats assigned ASAP.


Personnel Welcome! Jacklyn Kaiser – Sheriff’s Department,  Alyssa Schultz – Sheriff’s Department, Chandler Lehrer – Sheriff’s Department


Moving On…..

Gary Konrath – Highway Department – Retiring

Brandie Parve – Samaritan – Resigning


Julie Carpenter, Acute Care Supervisor  – Human Services Department


Active Recruitments


CNA,  Registered Nurse – Samaritan

Mental Health Specialist, Psychiatric Nurse
Practitioner, Psychiatric Social Worker, Registered Nurse –
Human Services Department
Joshua Schoemann   County Administrator

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