Washington Co. update by Joshua Schoemann

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  • Supervisor One on One Meetings – We wrapped up our final one-on-one meetings this week.  As I have said before, these communication opportunities are very much appreciated, and extremely beneficial.  One final thank you to all of the County Board Supervisors who made the time to have this important dialogue!  Also, an extra special thank you to Judy Steinert for coordinating the insanely busy schedules of myself and 26 Supervisors!
  • Committee Agenda Conference Calls – This week the County Clerk’s Department coordinated a number of committee agenda conference calls, implementing the new streamlined process.  These meetings were very productive and quite efficient!  A special thank you to all of chairpersons and department heads who participated in this new process.  Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated by Administration and County Clerk.
  • Fair Park Stage Progress Meeting – This week Monday we had a very constructive coordination meeting with the majority of stakeholders engaged in this exciting project.  To help improve coordination Parks Supervisor Chad Cook was introduced and brought up to speed with the project, as he will now be the onsite point person for the project.  Thank you to our team for their energy and collaboration to make this a successful project, and specifically to Chad for taking on this leadership role!
  • IS Ad Hoc Committee – The IS Ad Hoc Committee met again Monday to further work toward the repositioning of the IS department.  It was a productive meeting and we believe we have some consensus with regards to the overall direction to take this, as well as a great start to how the new IS budgeting/billing process will function for the 2017 budget.  County Board members should watch for some upcoming policy questions on future County Board agendas.
  • Priority Based Budgeting – This week, following the presentation to the County Board, we have just started to dive into the initial priority based budgeting results.  We began to sift through some of the data and outcomes and will be further training early next week on the use of the online tools.  We are planning to discuss some initial results/programs with the Executive Committee this month as we enter budget season and will be having internal conversations first with staff as we approach this meeting.  The priority based budgeting process has yielded some very exciting results and we have hardly scratched the surface of the data and policy conversations that this tool will facilitate.  We can’t thank departments, the finance team and everyone that participated in the scoring peer review enough for all of the work that went into producing program costs and scores!   
  • West Bend Administrator Discussion – I have been asked to participate in the recruitment of the next West Bend City Administrator.  There has also been some discussion about other possible ways that the County may be able to assist the City in the short term as they work through some of their current staffing challenges.  At their May meeting Administrative Committee will be discussing if and how we may be able to assist in the short term.
  • ADRC Ride Along – On Wednesday I had the opportunity to do another ride along.  Again, getting a firsthand perspective of the important work that our people do on a daily basis.  This time I got to see the first discussion with a family about the transition of a soon to be 18 year old from youth services to adult services.  Thank you to Reba Pfannerstill for allowing me to observe you at work, as well as a helpful explanation afterword!
  • Department Head Meeting – On Thursday morning we had our monthly Department Head Meeting.  As has become the tradition we started with LEAD training, improving together as leaders for our County!  We then had some great discussions about the 2017 Budget, the new committee structure and how we went from talking about an external “capacity study” to an internal Priority Based Budgeting program!  I think I can say that everyone is quite appreciative and excited to control our own destiny as a leadership team!




·         Keerstin Powell – Samaritan

·         Marie Joers – Sheriff’s Department

·         Scott Hodorff (Summer Help) – Highway Department

·         Michelle Marquardt (Summer Help) – Facilities

Moving On…

·         Dana Borusky, Samaritan – Retirement


Active Recruitments

  • Activity Aide, CNA,  Dietary Aide,  LPN, Registered Nurse, RN Relief Supervisor, Switchboard Operator/Receptionist – Samaritan
  • Psychiatric Social Worker, Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Summer Employment – Facilities
  • Accounting Clerk, Communications Officer, Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Clerical Pool – Human Resources
  • Child Support Specialist – County Attorney
  • Summer Employment (Mechanic Assistant) – Highway Department

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!


·         Jeanine Waraksa – Samaritan Health Center

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