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Washington County Association for Home and Community Education celebrates 80 years | By Christine Larson

Oct. 10, 2017-Members of the Washington County Association for Home and Community Education purchased an oak tree and stone marker to commemorate 80 years of education and service in Washington County.
The tree and marker are planted at Washington County Fair Park, near the WTKM Pavilion.
Ginny Ramstack, County President gave the commemoration speech.
The oak tree has been the symbol of WCHCE’s year-long celebration. Oak is the traditional gift for an 80th anniversary. Traditionally, oak is used in place of gems or precious metals because the oak tree takes a long period of time and commitment to reach full maturity, which is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication that is necessary to sustain an 80-year relationship.
Oak is among the strongest wood types in the world, similar to how a marriage (relationship) of 80 years would be considered a strong relationship. It also holds spiritual significance and is mentioned in the bible around 20 different times. Oak also represents wisdom and longevity. It is also able to withstand the extreme pressure that comes with many years of life.
Washington County HCE is closely affiliated with the UW-Extension’s Family Living Program. UW-Extension Family Living Educators act a liaisons for the Association, offering guidance and assistance in their community and educational programs.
If you are interested in finding out more about HCE, visit look under the Family Living tab, for information about our programs and how to join.

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