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Washington County leaders stand firm amidst CDC’s continued flip-flopping | By Josh Schoemann

July 30, 2021 – Washington County, WI – On March 18, 2021, County Executive Josh Schoemann said, “We are not just looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, we are standing in the light.” Now, over four months later, with more than 80 percent of our county’s 65 and older population vaccinated, as well as nearly a majority of our population, we join as leaders across our county in strongly opposing any mandates or lockdowns.
We’ve bent the curve. We’ve protected our vulnerable. We’ve mitigated the burden on our hospitals. While other states across the nation may have more significant work to do, and other nations across the world are just now getting the vaccine, here in Washington County we will continue as announced in March, “with life as we have long known it.” We will not move backward; we will keep moving forward.

Washington County

Enforcing any kind of mandates or dictating policy within our school systems, businesses, churches or organizations is not our role in county government. After consulting with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department, we can once again affirm that we will not enforce any such mandates. We encourage organizations to educate themselves and make the best possible decisions.

Finally, we applaud former President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS), especially the accelerated distribution of safe and effective vaccines, and the delivery of 300 million doses beginning in January 2021. This was a giant success for our nation, and we strongly encourage people to take advantage of OWS as your conscience allows by finding which vaccine might be best for you and the many convenient locations you can get it: https://www.vaccines.gov/

We stand together to protect our individual freedoms and to serve you, the people of Our Great Community. As we move forward, follow your conscience out of love for your neighbor and personal responsibility. Enjoy the best quality of life in Wisconsin in the freest county in America.

Thank you.
Joshua Schoemann, County Executive
Don Kriefall, County Board Chair

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  1. BRAVO !!!!!! I applaud you and all the Patriots who will not be controlled. Stand firm on your beliefs and be strong in your convictions. Do not waiver. I thank you

  2. If by “CDC’s continued flip flopping” you mean monitoring data and adjusting because the delta variant infection rate is so bad due to low vaccine numbers, then sure. I appreciate the want of normalcy but adjusting to the current situation is not a bad thing. However, Schoemann is correct that we need vaccine numbers to increase so that we can go back to normal. Yes, we should stand together against the virus, not against the CDC.

  3. Thank You for not putting that F.A.K.E.D. ,(FOOLS ACQUIRED KRAP ELITISM DISORDER), on our shoulders. Protect the vulnerable, make wise personal choices, and strengthen the front line. And also make Ivermectin known so we can be done with this virus scare.
    PS (Ivermectin has been politically censored, cause its cheap & very effective in every well done study. Ref. Dr. Sayed Mobeen.)

  4. Flip flopping?? You mean adjusting their recommendations based on actual science and research? Doctors warned about a second wave of the virus. All they are asking you to do is wear a mask indoors in crowded public spaces… Is that so hard? No freedoms were EVER taken away. We were never locked down. Simply masks and vaccines. But okay nevermind, keep living in your altered reality even though it affects all of us. I hope and know that respectful businesses will follow the rules on their own even without support of our supposed local government. Be good.

  5. Common sense rules again.FUNNY how the liberal media covers up the death rate in this last week has fallen below 5 . So many people have been poisned to believe this liberal socialist administration is helping them when they are destroying the country and go unnoticed by A huge percentage of TV watchers .WAKE UP 80 000 ILEGALS POURING IN EVERYDAY BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN!!! FUTURE DEMOCRAT VOTERS .HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS WILL RUIN THE ECONOMY .AND SOCIALISIM IS THE END GAME.BYE BYE FREEEDOMS YOU CURRENTLY ENJOY..

  6. Yes it is because I suffer from asthma and chronic bronchitis.. it is hard for me to breathe where I work because of no air conditioning..I get hot and sweaty which causes my oxygen levels to between 88 and 92. They should be at 95 or higher.. I have been vaccinated but yet I am required to wear a mask at work..

  7. Thanks to County Executive Schoemann for standing firm! None of this makes sense and I am sick and tired of it! People need to band together and fight this tyranny. Don’t shop at businesses that require you to mask and say “no” to the vaccine. If Nancy Reagan can say “just say no”, so can we to the vax! It is unconstitutional to force
    or manipulate someone into getting vaccinated. No employer can do this to their employees. Easy lawsuit. The vaccine is not a vaccine, it’s DNA manipulation. There are so many who will get sick, sterile, die. In 6 months there have been more disabilities sicknesses and deaths from Covid vax than the total time they have been vaccinating people with childhood immunizations. VAERS is not reporting accurately. Helpful websites are: FrontLineDoctors.com – SonsofLiberty.com – DefyTyrrants.com – DrTenpenny.com
    This is so awful what’s happening in our beloved
    country & world! The Democrats for evil and sick for the most part especially this administration!!
    STATE-WIDE FORENSIC AUDIT OF 2020 ELECTION 8/6 noon-1:30. Check out RiseUpWisconsin.com

  8. Josh, you’re still not a public health expert, you’re just a selfish libertarian. Public health changes with changes observed in the world, which can’t be planned for. Claiming “flip-flopping” is just ridiculous and childish, but that’s a libertarian for you.

  9. Spoken like a true brainwashed sheep. Do yourself a favor and turn off CNN and other propaganda “news” channels. Corona was never a pandemic. It became a case pandemic created by faulty rigged testing. The death numbers were inflated by testing people for covid that died from other causes. The infections were inflated by diagnosing flu and other ailments as covid. “The reason that flu magically disappeared this year”. Wake the hell up. Your ignorant compliance in this scam is a big part of the problem.

  10. Well said, Real Logic! Anyone who voted for Trump should not fall for this False Flag pandemic event and absolutely should not get “The Jab”. Its all part of Big Pharma’s plot to control your brain, let the sheep and LIbtards get controlled.

  11. That’s right, Susan! If you voted for Trump, Don’t Get Vax! More people are dying from the vax than Covid! Covid has a 99.9% survival rate (if you look at the real numbers and not the fake numbers from the doctors.)

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