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Weekly Wash. Co. updates – Herb Tennies to be recognized for 50 years of service

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  • Tuesday, March 8thAs a reminder, there will be a cake and coffee reception to celebrate Herb’s retirement from 12-2 in advance of the County Board meeting on Tuesday. Please remember to park in the East Parking Lot on Tuesday! 
  • Priority Based Budgeting Peer Review – As part of our priority based budgeting process, all departments were asked to “score” their programs against the “Results” that the County Board established earlier this year.  This week, we conducted a series of peer review meetings to standardize these scores throughout the County.  We are now in the final steps of scoring and costing all of the County’s programs and are excited to work through the outcome of the process.  Currently, a review of the County’s priorities and overview of the process outcome is scheduled for the County Board meeting in May. 
  • Kiwanis Presentation – On Wednesday morning I was invited to be the speaker at the Early Risers Kiwanis meeting in West Bend.  The speech included a brief update on the Fair Park Stage, Annex II/Senior Center Demolition, Herb Tennies 50 Years of Service and Priority Based Budgeting.  In addition, a flurry of interesting questions were asked on subjects from multi-use trail system expansion to property tax reduction.  Thanks to the Kiwanis Early Risers’ for the opportunity to provide the update!
  • Capital Improvement Plan – In the past week Assistant to the County Administrator Ludovic, Finance Director Margie Hamers and I have been working on taking the proposed 2017-2021 CIP projects and working to align dollars to each project.  As of this afternoon we are very close to completion of the “Administrator’s Recommended CIP”. The recommended proposal will be formally presented to Executive Committee on Tuesday, March 22.
  • STH 60 Truck Reliever Route – At Tuesday’s meeting of the Transportation Committee Staff presented a proposal from SouthEastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) to revive the 2005 “Final Report” from Bonestroo.  Pages 3 – 7 of the following link provides the proposal and Committee Report, which was accepted by the Committee: http://www.co.washington.wi.us/uploads/meetings/030116transportationpacket.pdf If you have any questions about this proposal or the planning efforts regarding this project, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, as an important aside, we have a link to the Bonestroo 2005 “Final Report” on our website if you’d like to see the same: http://www.co.washington.wi.us/uploads/docs/east-westcorridorstudy.pdf
Moving On…..
  • Joel Clausing – Sheriff’s Department – Resigned
  • Ashley Glamann  – Sheriff’s Department
  • Samuel Nevermann – Sheriff’s Department
  • Cynthia Stroud – Samaritan Health Center
  • Rebecca Hassinger – Facilities
  • Jill Smith – Human Services Department
  • Ravin Raatz – Human Services Department
Active Recruitments
  • CNA,  Dietary Aide,  Director of Nursing, LPN, Registered Nurse, RN Relief Supervisor – Samaritan
  • Senior Social Worker – Human Services Department 
  • Communicable Disease/Immunization Public Health Nurse, WIC Nutritionist – Health Department
  • Project Manager/Deputy Surveyor, Summer Employment – Highway Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Clerical Pool – Human Resources Department
  • Summer Employment – Facilities
  • Summer Employment – Planning and Parks/ Golf
  • Assistant to County Treasurer – Treasurer’s Office
CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!
Donald Pedersen – Sheriff’s Department
Jane Weyer – Samaritan Health Center

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