Weekly Washington Co. updates by Joshua Schoemann

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General Updates

  • Final Management Team Meeting On Monday morning Former Chairman Tennies, Attorney Nass, HR Director Scott and I had our final “Management Team” meeting with breakfast at Grasshopper in downtown West Bend.  We were please to find out that this meeting brought things to an end right where they all began back in 1966, as this was the local watering hole where Herb was first recruited to run for County Board Supervisor. One final “Thank you”, Herb, for 50 years of service to Washington County!
  • County Board Elections – This past Tuesday was the Reorganizational meeting of the County Board.  For going through this particular process of the newly revised structure for the first time I think everything went relatively well.  The results of the election to Executive Committee were as follows: County Board Chair – Rick Gundrum; First Vice Chair – Mark McCune; Second Vice Chair/Public Safety Chair – Don Kriefall; Administrative Chair – Tim Michalak; Health, Aging & Long Term Care Chair – Michael Bassill; Human Services Chair – Kris Deiss; Public Works Chair – John Bulawa.  Congratulations to our new Executive Committee members!  Special thanks to Judy Steinert, Mary Schlitt, Linda Doro and Brenda Jaszewski for their efforts to ensure a smooth election!
  • Supervisor One on One Meetings – Meetings with each of the County Board Supervisors continue.  I hope to have these wrapped up by the end of the month.  These meetings have been extremely valuable for me, not only get to know the newly elected supervisors, but to also do a proactive check in with all of those who were reelected for another two year term.
  • New Supervisor Orientation  and Tour – Just a quick reminder to all County Board Supervisors that Monday, April 25 at 9am we will be having a Supervisor Orientation meeting in the County Board room.  Following the orientation we will be doing a tour of many of the county facilities, both on and off our West Bend STH 33 campus.  All County Board Supervisors are welcomed to join the tour, newly elected Supervisors are highly encouraged (just shy of mandated ) to come!
  • IS Steering Committee – On Wednesday and Thursday we continued the diligent work of the IS Steering and Ad Hoc Committees.  After thorough discussions with both groups we are close to a resolution on the proper budget/finance methodology to guide us moving forward. In addition to finances, the Ad Hoc committee had an initial discussion about the proper reporting structure of the Division to the County Board Supervisors.  It is my hope that both of these matters will be resolved at the next meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee.
  • Threshold Annual Awards – On Tuesday night I was privileged to attend the annual awards event for the Threshold, Inc.  It was a wonderful event recognizing the excellent work of the individuals who work for, with and volunteer for Threshold.  Congratulations to all of the award winners, and to Threshold for the incredible impact their organization has in our community!
  • SEWRPC Reliever Route Meeting – This week Monday and Tuesday hosted separate Reliever Route meetings with officials from the Village of Slinger and the Hartford Area Development Corporation.  These meetings continue to create productive dialogue, and I am beginning to see why SEWRPC has started with them as the important first step in this analysis process.  In the coming weeks we still plan to meet with officials from the Towns of Addison, Hartford and Polk.
  • United Way Board Meeting – On Thursday I attended my second meeting as a new member of the United Way Washington County Board.  We are beginning the process of a new year, including an orientation for new board members such as myself.  So, for those of you orienting on Monday, I am right there with you!




·         Nichole Welzein – Sheriff’s Department

·         Scott Kannenberg, Summer Help – Planning & Parks Department

·         David Rappe, Summer Help – Planning & Parks Department

·         Caleb Duren, Summer Help – Planning & Parks Department

Moving On…

·         Kathleen Fry, Samaritan Health Center – Retirement


·         Tracy Pfau, Program Assistant – Finance Department

Active Recruitments

  • Activity Aide, CNA,  Dietary Aide,  LPN, Registered Nurse, RN Relief Supervisor – Samaritan
  • Mental Health Specialist/Crisis Intervention, Psychiatric Social Worker, Senior Social Worker, Social Worker – Human Services Department
  • Administrative Intern – Administration Department
  • Summer Employment – Facilities
  • Aquatic-Invasive Species Project Intern– Planning and Parks
  • Accounting Clerk, Corrections Officer – Sheriff’s Department
  • Clerical Pool – Human Resources
  • Program Assistant – Clerk of Courts

CONGRATULATIONS to the following employees for their years of service at the County!!


Brad Bautz – Sheriff’s Department


Bill Arnold – Sheriff’s Department

Matthew Wiedmeyer – Human Services Department

Joseph Gonnering – County Board Supervisor

Gerald Schulz – County Board Supervisor

Rick Gundrum – County Board Supervisor

Philip Laubenheimer – County Board Supervisor

Roger Herther – Samaritan Health Center


Natalie Kaehler – Human Services Department


Herb Tennies – County Board Supervisor

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