West Bend Police receive some positive testimonials. By Chief Ken Meuler

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Feb. 21, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Monthly Report to the Community West Bend Police Department. Message from Chief of Police Kenneth J Meuler:

Each week we send out citizen surveys requesting feedback on the services we provide to citizens and businesses. Over the years we have received positive responses on over 95% of our surveys. Many of the surveys are returned with additional comments from citizens praising and thanking officers for the outstanding work they have done.

In addition, many citizens send unsolicited thank you notes to the Police Department. I have included copies of surveys and letters I received one day this past month. The copies include a survey in which a citizen writes “The officer even stopped by a couple of weeks later to check on me.” In another matter, a citizen wrote “The officer was very kind and didn’t downplay my concerns.”

A citizen that was injured in an accident wrote “I was badly injured. All who assisted were professional, courteous, and concerned with my comfort and safety until they were able to get me to the hospital.”
We received a note from an injured canine thanking us for assisting him after he was injured “helping him find his family.”
We received a note from a woman thanking us and Fire Department personnel for “assisting my husband after he had fallen on the ice in the road” and praised the officers for going “out of your way to keep him (and me) out of the elements.”
And one of the nicest thank you notes was from a mother thanking Detective Bryan Goehring for the outstanding investigation he did in clearing a very sensitive case involving the woman’s daughter and for the kindness and compassion Detective Goehring displayed during the investigation.
The woman wrote “you made us feel safe and confident with the process. That is very comforting when your whole world seems to be turned upside down! This mess still isn’t okay, but your kindness and sensitively made us feel it was in good hands.”

Thank you to the above citizens and the many others that took the time to write these kind notes and to others that stop officers every day to thank them for the work they do. And, thank you to all the West Bend Police Officers and employees for doing the work you do and for caring for the community and citizens you work for.

Stay safe and I hope to see you in the community.
Kenneth J. Meuler, Chief of Police

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