Women of Christ Conference is Saturday, Nov. 5



    The 8th annual Women of Christ Conference at the Washington County Fair Park is Saturday, Nov. 5.  This is a chance for women to become inspired by their Catholic faith and feel God’s grace.



    This year, the theme of the Conference is Mercy: God’s Love in Action. I am particularly pleased with this topic, because God’s mercy makes possible our salvation. On our own, we cannot gain so great a gift. But together we pray
    that the Holy Spirit may open many hearts to the tenderness, forgiveness and goodness of the Father.
    When we allow ourselves to be drawn more closely to God, His Spirit transforms our hearts. We experience the inner freedom that comes only from an encounter with His loving mercy. And so, we can respond to His love by the way in which we live our lives. One who has been deeply touched by God’s compassion and forgiveness 5 one who has been freed from the weight and the shame of sin 5 cannot help but extend that same mercy to others, passing on
    God’s dynamic love.
    This is how we can play a part in His merciful plan for the salvation of the whole world. This is the greatest of life’s privileges, the most distinguished human pursuit!
    In a particular way, I believe faithful women of the Church are models of this transformative mercy and to whom the entire Church can look to emulate. I look forward to seeing you on November 5, 2016 at Washington County
    Fair Park. Until then, please be assured of my prayers.
    Sincerely yours in Christ,
    Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki
    Archbishop of Milwaukee


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