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VIDEO | Welcome home World Champion speed skater Jordan Stolz

West Bend, WI – World Champion speed skater Jordan Stolz is home following a record setting season with US Speed Skating. Stolz received a warm welcome during a surprise speaking engagement in the Grand Hall at Cedar Ridge.

“Thanks for bringing in an American hero,” said Cedar Ridge resident Barb Scribbens.

Stolz was dressed in a red, white, and blue jacket branded with the US Speed Skating emblem, the US flag and Olympic rings.

Stolz spoke for about an hour and interacted with residents fielding questions like what his typical day looks like to how many calories he eats a day (about 5000 – heavy on the pasta and protein) to whether he gets along with his competition.


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“We are all closer than people think,” said Stolz. “But when it comes to getting on the ice, we’re each there to win.”

Stolz gave residents a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like to be 19 and already hold the title of World Champion and Fastest Man on Ice.

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“I get drug tested a lot,” Stolz said. Working with his parents his mom fills out a daily calendar tracking his schedule for U.S. Speed Skating and its strict policies.

Testing times for a blood draw can vary. “They can come right before I go to bed and ask me for a sample,” said Stolz. Compliance is mandatory. “If I miss, I get a strike; three strikes and I would be suspended from competing for two years.”

While Stolz travels the world, Poland, Germany, China, France, Italy, he rarely explores.

“I’m there to skate and want to stay focused,” he said.

Not a bad approach as Stolz is reaping the benefits climbing to the top of the winner’s podium again and again and again. His Instagram page touts ‘7 time World Champion in 500m, 1000m, and 1500m and 1x World Allround Champion.’

Coaches say Stolz is expected to hit his peak at 30 years old; the sky will be the limit as Stolz has already set new world records in the 500m, 1000m and 1500 meter and track records in Poland, Inzell Germany, Canada, and Salt Lake City Utah.


  • 2024 World Championships – Gold 500m (National Record & Track Record); Gold 1000m (Track Record); Gold 1500m
  • 1000m & 1500m Overall World Cup Silver
  • World Cup 6 – 500m (1) Gold; 50m (2) Gold; 1000m Gold; 1500m Gold
  • World Cup 5 – 1000m (World Record) Gold; 1000m (2) Gold; 500m (National Record) Gold; 1500m (National Record) Gold; 5000m 15th
  • Four Continents Championships – 1000m Gold (National Record)
  • World Cup 4 – 1000m Gold; 1500m Silver; 500m (2) 4th; 500m (1) 6th; 5000m (B) second
  • World Cup 3 – 1000m Gold; 1500m Gold (Track Record); 500m (B) first
  • World Cup 1 – 1500mSilver; 1000m Bronze; 500m (2) Bronze; 500m (1) 6th; 5000m 14th
  • U.S. Championships – 500m Gold; 1000m Gold; 1500m Gold; Mass Start Gold; 5000m Silver

Over the past year with his rise to the top of the sport, Stolz has become more comfortable in front of the camera and dealing with crowds.

Many at Cedar Ridge were impressed with his professionalism, candid nature, and quite a few residents thanked him for representing the United States.

“When I first started, my sister and I had been watching the 2010 winter Olympics and I was amazed by the passes at high speeds and the turns,” said Stolz.

His dad, Dirk, plowed a path on their pond so the kids could skate. “The first time we went out I was in hockey skates and wearing a life vest,” said Stolz. The vest was his mother’s idea as she was afraid the kids might fall through the ice.

The ‘ah ha’ moment for Stolz, when he realized speed skating was his thing, came when he was 16 years old. “I liked to go fast, and I was winning,” he said.

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Fast now is clocked at 61 km an hour. Stolz said that translates to a speed of about 39 miles per hour. “You can really feel the G force in the turns,” he said.

Speed skating fans in the Netherlands can’t get enough of the young skater from the states. “My parents were in the underground (subway), and they got recognized,” said Stolz. “After the last race it took me more than an hour to get to my hotel room because there was such a crowd waiting for me.”

It’s a different atmosphere back home, as Stolz recently walked through Walmart, and nobody gave him a second look. “It’s a nice balance,” said Stolz, “not to be recognized all the time.”

Stolz was generous with his time spoiling the seniors by posing for pictures, signing autographs, and answering more questions.

How many skates he takes to each competition was a popular question. “I have one pair of racing skates; these will last me about four years,” he said. “I take 3 or 4 blades with me to each race.”

Stolz is doing his best to try and grow interest in the sport of speed skating. He meets with young fans and is hoping to ramp up his visibility over the next two years.

Early indications are Stolz will be the face of the 2026 winter Olympics.

Getting there, may take some doing as U.S. Speed Skating has cut funding and now Stolz, and other skaters, have to find ways to pay for travel, hotels, training, and meals.




If you would like to support the career of the next winter Olympic gold medal winner – checks can be sent to: Jordan Stolz  8549 Townline Road, Kewaskum, WI 53040  Please write ‘gift’ in the memo section.

The off season will include a brief vacation to Alaska and then bicycle training in the Netherlands.

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On a history note: In 1980 another Wisconsin speed skater, Eric Heiden, won a record five gold medals at the winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Do you remember where Heiden said he kept his gold medals?

Jordan Stolz was asked if there really was gold in the medals he won. “Maybe a little bit, but the Olympic medals are real gold,” he said.

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