A love story in Barton: Part 1 – Celebrating 1 year between Hank & Essie

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Feb. 14, 2017 – Barton, WI – Essie was perched in the window at Over the Moon. Her red dress for the Valentine holiday was simple yet stunning. All the guests in the store said so.

“Got any big plans,” asked one customer talking in Essie’s direction.

Essie stared out the window, lost in thought.

Grandma had been a handful of late. Essie blamed it on the cloudy days and cold temps of winter.

At night when she’d get home from the store grandma would already be in her robe and slippers.

“Did you even get out of those today,” scolded Essie.

It was getting harder to keep track of grandma’s schedule – mostly if she just slept the day away.

Essie could see by the plate in the sink that grandma had eaten that day. She got flustered and let out a heavy sigh when she saw grandma’s house dress in the laundry. Somehow there was a rip by the sleeve and it looked like grandma used Band-Aides to patch it.

“Hey…. hey Essie,” came a voice from above. “You OK?”

It was Hank… he knocked Essie back into reality. She looked up as he was standing there all strong and dapper.

“Essie, I know it’s really late notice but I’m going to be a little late for our date tonight,” he said.

It was Valentines, and a special one at that. The couple had been dating a year now and were getting together to celebrate.

“Late,” said Essie. “Do you know what day it is mister? This better be good.”

Hank was all dressed up and looked like he had some place to go.

“I have to help Jeff with a delivery … but it shouldn’t take that long. I just wanted to tell you in case we ran a little over,” said Hank.

Essie was scanning the floor. Hank looked down too. Then he lifted his feet to see if he stepped on whatever she was looking for.

“Didja drop something,” he asked.

Essie shot a quick dart at Hank.  “Has the cheese fallen off your cracker,” she harped. “Do you know how much I’m looking forward to tonight?

“Just to get away and …. OOhhh,” she shrilled straightening her back and stiffening her shoulders. She jutted out her chin and held her pose in front of the window.

Hank put out his hands. “I promise…,” he said as he reached for her shoulder.

“Don’t put your hands on me,” said Essie, biting off the end of each word like a drill sergeant.

Hank flinched back, turned on his heels and was out the door.

“What’s goin’ on there now,” asked Deb as she adjusted some dolls that were decked out for a wedding. “You two lovebirds having a spat?”

Essie didn’t want to talk about it.

…but then she did anyway.

“He doesn’t listen and I’ve got a lot on my plate and just WHO does he think he is,” she shrilled.

Deb stood with her hands on her hips. “Oh Essie…..,” she said in an awe shucks manner. “You have that boy wrapped around your finger and you don’t even know it.

“Have you ever heard the saying….  in boating, the gentleman rows and the lady holds the tiller.”

Essie had no idea where Deb was coming from. “You’re starting to sound like your husband – and I don’t understand him either,” she said.

“You just wait til tonight young lady…. you just wait til tonight,” said Deb.


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