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Hartford to be feature on Discover Wisconsin in 2017

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The Discover Wisconsin film crew will be back in Hartford on Tuesday for a second day of filming as businesses in the community, Holy Hill and the Town of Erin will be featured in an segment set to air May 20, 2017.

“We’ve been working on this the last six months,” said Scott Henke, executive director of the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce.

The upcoming show will be split into four segments. The first will feature the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee and then the next two will focus on businesses and museums in the western portion of Washington County.westphal-mansion

“They’ll be at Pike Lake on Tuesday, Mickey’s Fresh Frozen Custard and Erin Hills Golf Course,” Henke said.

On Monday the film crew was at the Hartford Auto Museum, Mineshaft, Scoop DeVille, and Rustic Road No. 33 in the Town of Erin.

Henke said it wasn’t difficult at all to convince the Hartford Chamber Board to move ahead with the idea.


Discover Wisconsin has been around since 1986, it was “the first public and private sector partnership under Governor Tommy Thompson’s Administration.”

The segments are paid for by the communities that are showcased.


“Just the number of people that will see the segment,” said Henke.


All members of the board thought it would greatly benefit local tourism.


The cost of the show also covers publicity, marketing and advertising.


Behind-the-scenes photo is courtesy the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce. This scene is of Pam Terpstra Westphal Mansion Innkeeper with host Mariah Haberman having breakfast. Interview photos with Dawn Bondhus Mueller Executive Director of the Wisconsin Automotive Museum.

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