How nasty are those bathroom passes?

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West Bend High School student reporter Justin Scherzer from The Current did a good investigative story about whether the bathroom passes are as nasty as everyone thinks.  A portion of his story is below.

Several of each tested items were swabbed and transferred onto the dish and then put in an incubator for several days, growing the bacteria and making it visible, so it could be determined how much bacteria was in each sample.

Above all else, the results of the experiment showed that students should be just as w

Although the idea of touching microscopic bits of other people’s waste leftover on the bathroom passes is nothing short of revolting, it really is not that much worse than putting your hands on your desk, using a school computer, or even opening a door.

With the hesitation many students have shown towards the mandatory hall passes, the question was raised: Just how disgusting are they, in comparison to other commonly touched objects around the school? East biology teacher Daniel Millin helped The Current construct an experiment in order to test this through the use of bacteria cultures, in order to be able to compare the total amount of bacteria on each tested object.

Millin supplied petri dishes filled with agar in order to conduct the experiment.


Read the rest of Justin Scherzer story at The Current

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