January Students of the Month at Holy Angels School in West Bend: Sophie Dahlberg, Owen Schmidt, and Laura Zautner

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6th – Sophie Dahlberg is a quiet, patient, kind student who seems to be becoming comfortable in junior high. She participates more and more often in class, and unlike many students, is very willing to ask for clarification or help. She is a careful worker, turning in work that is complete and thoughtful. Sophie is interested in a wide variety of activities including horseback riding, playing piano and sports like volleyball. She hopes to grow up to be a teacher. Sophie recently trained to be a server at Mass.


7th – Owen Schmidt is a calm, reflective student with a quiet sense of humor. He is willing to put in the work it takes to learn difficult concepts. He enjoys learning and his teachers see that. He is a star German student. Owen particularly likes science and enjoys doing experiments. His favorite movie is The Martian. However, he is also passionate about football and dreams of playing football professionally.  Owen is involved in the school in many ways including working as a patrol and server.


8th –Laura Zautner is a well-liked, focused student. She is a nice blend of serious and bubbly which is one reason she is such a great patrol leader for the K4 kids. Laura has been highly involved in student council, currently heading the student relations committee. She participates in the Fine Arts Design group as well.  Laura likes to sing and play piano so it is no surprise that her favorite movie is High School Musical.  She wants to join the tennis team when she gets to high school, and go on to be a teacher when she grows up.

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