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KML’s Joseph Raasch a leader on the field and in the classroom By Jacob Moeller

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Kettle Moraine Lutheran junior Joseph Raasch has torn up the soccer field this season. The forward leads the Chargers with 14 goals and 8 assists in 15 games helping his team to a 10-2-3 record. With these strong numbers, Raasch has made himself an early favorite for East Central Conference Player of the Year.  


Soccer has been a part of Raasch’s life since he was just three years old; he has competed for both his school and his club during that time.

For KML, Raasch has been nearly unstoppable, using his lightning speed to blow past defenders along with great athleticism. “My leadership is one of my greatest aspects,” he said. “I try my hardest to set good examples for those around me, but while still having a good time.”

Being a leader means more than words for the KML junior, who demonstrates hustle and fight in every game. This strong example helped Raasch earn the captain’s armband for the Chargers this season.


KML’s captain status was not the first the junior had won. Last summer, Raasch captained the U.S. Youth National Futsal team for its tournament in Colombia. After being recommended for the national team, Raasch traveled to Kansas to compete with over 100 other hopefuls.

The Kettle Moraine star made the 14 man roster, and traveled to Columbia, South America for a week in July. “There’s a big difference between Colombia and the United States,” said Raasch.  “In Colombia, everyone loves soccer and futsal, but here in America, most people pay attention to sports like American football. The players in Colombia knew the game so much better than we do in America, and it showed in their movement and their runs.” Raasch more than held his own, scoring the winning goal in the final game.

Next summer, he will repeat the qualifying process, hoping to be selected for the U-18 national side.


As KML’s regular season winds down, and the state tournament draws closer, Raasch knows what he has to do to make the team successful. “I have to step up and find a way to start putting some away for our team,” he said. “Our scores in some games have not been as high as they could have been and that is partially due to me not putting up goals.”

In addition to his soccer skills, Raasch has also achieved great things in the classroom. He was named to the KML honor roll for 2015-16, and plays tuba in the school band. Many athletes let their grades slip during the sports season, but Raasch is diligent in his schoolwork. 

“It’s hard but I had to find a way to be more efficient with my time,” he said. “In school I focus during study times and get as much homework done as I can instead of talking to friends.”

Dedication to schoolwork and a decorated athletic career puts Raasch on track for success in high school and beyond.


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