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New location for Salon Effervescence in Hartford | By Samantha Sali


Oct. 23, 2017 – Hartford, WI – This November, Salon Effervescence in Hartford is moving to a new location. Established for six years at 211 Main Street the salon will be relocating to 55 East Sumner.

“We’re moving to a new location to better serve our customer demand,” said owner, Diane Mayer. “The move will allow us to add more services and hopefully a couple more employees.”

New services include two tanning beds and eventually nail enhancements. Because the new location is 1,000 square feet larger, Salon Effervescence will be able to offer five pedicure chairs and five manicure tables instead of just two pedicure chairs and manicure tables.

The new location also has several perks for customers including wheelchair accessibility and a 40-car private parking lot.

Thankfully the move will not impact the Salon’s 5th annual hair donation event. Every October, Salon Effervescence gives free haircuts to customers who donate eight or more inches of hair.

The donated hair will be sent to ‘Children with Hair Loss,’ a non-profit organization that provides wigs at no cost to children who have medical-related hair loss. Last year, the salon had 52 donors; it is hoping to beat that this year.

If you’re curious about what will happen to the current building on Main Street, salon owner Diane Mayer said she was “unsure about the future of the building.”


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