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Raccoon tests positive for Canine Distemper in Kewaskum | By Tom Bishop

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Aug. 1, 2018 – Kewaskum, WI – Earlier this summer Kewaskum Police were experiencing an increase in the amount of sick raccoons they were encountering and euthanizing.


Kewaskum PD contacted the local DNR to assist in determining the cause of this increase. Upon further testing of one of the dead raccoons, it has been determined the animals were sick with Canine Distemper.


According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Canine Distemper is a common virus found in sick raccoons. An animal with this virus will show symptoms common with rabies. In fact, the only way to determine if the raccoon is sick with rabies or Canine Distemper is through testing.


Canine Distemper is contagious to other animals, including dogs. It is very important your dogs vaccinations are current to protect against contracting Canine Distemper or rabies.


Current vaccinations and licensing is also the law… so that’s a good reason too.


–Chief Tom Bishop

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