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School Choice applications accepted at Kettle Moraine Lutheran H.S.

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Starting Feb. 1, Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School will begin accepting School Choice applications for the 2016-2017 school year.
The Wisconsin Parental Choice Program allows families to receive a voucher from the state in order to pay for their child’s high school education. The qualifications of this program are based on financial need and residency in Wisconsin.

Jamie Luehring, principal at KML, explained the reasoning behind the school becoming involved in the program.

“We believe every child and family who desires a strong Christian education should be able to choose KML as their school,” he said. “Their income should not disqualify them from having that chance.”

Luehring also discussed his excitement regarding the opportunity KML will have to open its culture to new students.

“Our school culture is one of my proudest points as the principal of KML because our students are able to learn from Christ’s example,” he said. “There is no question we have a very positive atmosphere in our hallways and classrooms. The Choice program allows more students to be able to experience that culture.”

A change in culture is not the only adjustment new students will make; KML’s curriculum can prove more challenging than some surrounding high schools.

However, Luehring is confident KML can provide for any student to meet their needs. “We will continue to be nimble with our curriculum, instruction, and support to ensure our students are prepared to use their gifts in their future life,” he said.

Although predicting how many new students KML will gain from the Choice program is difficult, 60 students are attending the school on vouchers this year already.

This number did not necessarily increase the overall number of students, as current KML students obtained most of these vouchers.

The growth KML will receive is not likely to be significant initially, as Luehring pointed out. “We anticipate a small growth,” he said.  “There are many people who are very happy at their current schools, public or private.”

Visit KML admissions  for additional information regarding the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program through KML.

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