Trail Sharks fight through muddy course | By Julie Willmas

October 3, 2019 – Washington Co., WI – It was an VERY muddy day for the Trail Sharks (Washington County Mountain Bike Team) on Sunday at Nordic Mountain.

It rained all night and all day. The athletes were racing in the mud and the course got worse as the races wore on.

Tractors were pulling out the trucks and campers while racers were pushing on. The Trail Sharks had many athletes running their bikes, slipping on the hills, and continuing to stop to pull mud and grass out of their gears.

Each one of the athletes did a great job completing the course with a smile and eating a LOT of dirt.

Anja Lanser of West Bend finishing 3rd

Medalists for their race….

Hunter Gengler (Kiel) 5th

Anja Lanser (West Bend) 3rd

Kendra Schmitt (Kewaskum) 1st

Mike Spangenberg (West Bend) 1st


Top 10 in their age group…

Gabe Rogaczewski (Slinger) 10th

Nia Gengler (Kiel) 6th

Fiona Shaw (West Bend) 9th

Other team athletes…

(1 lap)-

Kira Zechlin (West Bend) 16th

Shiri Zechlin (West Bend) 36th

Aiden Schubert (West Bend) 21st

Brandon Paulson (Slinger) 52nd

(2 laps)-

Quentin WIllmas (West Bend) 20th

Christian Spaeth (West Bend) 13th

Carson Phillips (Slinger) 17th

RJ Goldberg (Hartford) 30th

Gabe Kebbekus (Slinger) 35th

(3 laps)-

Nick Skaalen (Hartford) 27th

Skyler Schmitt (Kewaskum) 32nd

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