VIDEO | A note of thanks to Monte Schmiege and Tim Stellmacher

April 10, 2018 – West Bend, WI – A salute Monday night to outgoing West Bend School Board members Tim Stellmacher and Monte Schmiege.

Board member Ken Schmidt praised Schmiege for his commitment to the board including treasurer and policy chairman. Schmidt was thankful for Schmiege who did his homework, research and he had “integrity, urgency and he made our school district better in many ways including his oversight of curriculum.”

“Monte acted with honesty, courtesy, respect, humility, fact and research-based decision making,” said Schmidt.

Stellmacher was also praised by Schmidt for his financial acumen.

Former School Board candidate Mary Weigand also praised Schmiege for his “integrity, wisdom, and thoughtful research and you’re going to be missed by the community of West Bend.”

“Monte was one of two board members who voted against an immoral and inappropriate questionnaire for minors that will be happening potentially this spring. I know it’s very difficult to accomplish things in the humanistic, government-run education system but Monte you fought and you persevered and you spent three years of your life caring about the education of our kids and I really want to thank you for that,” said Weigand.


Also during Monday night’s meeting:

-The district has received 22 applications for Superintendent. According to a report from the search firm some of the candidates they “feel terrific about and some not so terrific.” Nobody knew Monday night the total number of applicants as there were 25 applications the district received after the job was posted by a board member last December.

-Karen Herman was introduced as the new head of finance.

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