VIDEO | New Milw. Bucks / WB Mutual basketball and volleyball court for Regner Park

Sept. 25, 2018 – West Bend, WI – The West Bend Common Council got its first look at the new Milwaukee Bucks Court Project this week.

The basketball court, volleyball and pickleball court will be built in the current area of Softball Field A which is located to the north of left field at Carl Kuss Memorial Field and just to the east of the parking lot and to the south of the Urban Fishing Pond.

The Milwaukee Bucks and West Bend Mutual Insurance joined together to donate $150,000 for the sports complex.





It will include a 50′ x 84′ concrete basketball court (snap court/sport court), a 74′ x 40′ concrete volleyball/pickleball court, basketball backboards, poles and padding and fencing at each end of the volleyball/pickleball court.

There will be six basketball hoops and the height of the hoops can be adjusted as the park is designated specifically for kids.

Any cost overruns beyond the gift will be covered by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Construction is set to begin in October and be completed within the month. The courts will be in place year round.



Click HERE to read more about the plans and the agreement between the Milwaukee Bucks, WB Mutual and the City of West Bend.


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