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Washington Co. Mountain Bike Team races at Trek Headquarters | By Julie Willmas

Kendra Schmitt

Oct. 3, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – On Sunday the Washington County Mountain Bike Team had an awesome opportunity.  It got to race on the private grounds of the Trek Bike Headquarters.
These trails are not open to the public and the team got the privilege of racing on the trails for the third race of the season.
The weekend consisted of a band, food, camping, and a day spent with professional Trek factory rider, Emily Batty.
The weather was perfect and the trails were fast.  Three of our consistent medalists continued to step on the podium.

Anja Lanser

Anja Lanser even stepped into first place, getting a winner’s jersey.  With a few bumps and bruises the team still left with smiles and great performances.  Congratulations to all Washington County racers!
Here are the results for the Trek Plant race.
Continuing to be medalists for their age group.
Anja Lanser (West Bend)- 1st place 33:46
Kendra Schmitt (Kewaskum)- 3rd place 34:36
Hunter Schmitt (Kewaskum)-3rd place 1:12.12
Top 10 in their age group…
Fiona Shaw (West Bend) 6th 40:25
Ethan Janssen (Mayville) 9th 52:57
Other team athletes…
Sawyer Bussey (Slinger) 11th 31:32
Gabe Rogaczewski (Slinger) 16th 38:31
Mikey Spangenberg (West Bend) 22nd 34:15
Quentin Willmas (West Bend) 29th 37:32
Sam Oliver (West Bend) 33rd 38:57
Nick Vogel (West Bend) 46th 42:18
Skyler Schmitt (Kewaskum) 14th 56:15
Sam Carlson (West Bend) 43rd 1:39:57
Tommy Spangenberg (West Bend) 46th 1:42.49

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