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Washington Co. to enforce purchase of parks sticker and entrance fee

July 26, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – At the beginning of 2018 Washington County started requiring people to purchase a pass to enter and enjoy Washington County Parks.

The parks included: Ackerman’s Grove County Park, Town of Polk, Glacier Hills County Park, Village of Richfield, Heritage Trails County Park, Town of Polk, Homestead Hollow County Park, Village of Germantown, Leonard J. Yahr County Park, Town of Farmington, and Sandy Knoll County Park, Town of Trenton.

Eric Hyde, Washington County Parks Property Manager, said 2202 annual passes have been sold to date, July 23, 2018.

“This doesn’t include roughly 700-800 annual passes given to families with the Washington County FC, a youth soccer league, and families with children in the Germantown Parks & Rec Kidz Club Summer Camp,” said Hyde. “These families received passes through the respective organizations, we basically gave them bulk pricing. Revenue from those arrangements is not reflected in the table below.”

The Washington County Parks System required park visitors to purchase a daily park entrance fee or an annual park sticker within 7 days from their visit, with few exceptions.

This week the Washington County Parks Department announced it will start enforcing the parks sticker and entrance fee.

“Park goers are encouraged to pay daily fees or purchase annual stickers,” said Hyde.








License plate recognition cameras have been installed throughout County parks to eliminate the acceptance of cash onsite while allowing visitors the ability to pay up to 7 days after they spend time at the park.

The strategy, according to the County Parks Department is similar to a toll way. Those who fail to pay their entrance fee will be subject to a $50 notice violation and have 30 days to pay. Failure to pay the notice violation within 30 days will result in the issuance of a $200.50 citation.

“We strongly encourage park goers to consider purchasing annual passes to support the park and trail system,” says Hyde. “All of the money collected will go towards maintenance and improvements of the County Park System.”









Click HERE to purchase a sticker or admission for the Washington County Parks.

Click HERE for more information on Washington County Parks, admission, entrance fee, boat launch pass.

On a side note:

-The County’s budget goal was $75,000 in revenue from daily and annual passes.

-These exclude sales tax. Both are a couple thousand dollars away from 2018 budget goals.

Daily Park Entrance Pass  $10,506.71

Annual Park Entrance Pass  $62,261.47

Total  $72,768.18

Daily Boat Launch Pass  $7,399.37

Annual Boat Launch Pass $12,163.43

Total $19,562.80


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