Germantown girls advance to WIAA state tournament | By Jason Howarth

February 20, 2021 – Kimberly, WI – Germantown Warhawks defeat Kimberly Papermakers 84-72 to win sectional bracket and advance to the WIAA Division 1 state championship.
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Germantown’s leading scorers were sophomore Kamorea Arnold with 31 points and senior Jaelyn Acker with 20 points. Kimberly’s top scorers were senior Maddy Schreiber with 24 points and sophomore Kenzie Drout with 20 points.
It is the first time in school history that Germantown girls’ program is going to the WIAA state tournament final.

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The Warhawks will continue their run when they play Hudson in the Division 1 semifinals on Saturday February 27.
Germantown Head Coach Matt Stuve spoke highly of the team and their achievement.
”After last year a lot of people didn’t think we would be as good, but the team came through especially defensively.”
On a side note, Arnold and Acker, Coach Stuve gave praise to senior Katie Pampuch for hitting several critical threes that swung the game in the Warhawks’ favor and junior Emilie Wizner who was a huge x-factor for the team defensively.

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