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A love story in Barton – Essie primps for Valentine’s

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A unique love story in Barton featuring a couple from the 1940s who have been hired at a pair of neighboring businesses on Barton Avenue.

When last we left Hank, a WWII vet working as a cabinetmaker at Wisconsin House Woodworks, mustered up the courage to ask Essie out for Valentine’s Day.

Essie is an unassuming hometown girl who works next door to Hank at Over the Moon.

Hank is sweet on Essie and he’s working on courting her. We’re happy to report she said “yes” to his request and now the time is tight to get ready for Sunday.

Essie quickly made an appointment at the hairdresser and asked re-Vive to style her hair with pin curls; it was very Betty Grable. image3-300x225

Hank sauntered into Do Your Hair Justice where he ordered up something “spiffy” for Essie. As Perry Como crooned in the background the barber slicked back his hair with pomade, to get that “Humphrey Bogart” look all the girls swoon over.


Check in tomorrow when we’ll get a gander at Essie’s dress – – I understand it’s the cat’s meow.

– – Build, Boost, and Buy in Barton – –

Re-vive is a full-service beauty salon newly located at 1747 Barton Avenue. It has a fun, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Contact owner Rhiannon Klotz at (262) 305-7382. www.revivesalonstudios.weebly.com
Do Your Hair Justice is a hair salon/barber, 1700 Barton Avenue.
Once you experience what shop owner Justice has to offer, you’ll be glad you made the call! (262) 353-5970.

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