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Judy Phillips Memorial Influencers in Aging Award nominee ADRC | By Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County

Washington Co., WI – This May, Interfaith Caregivers of Washington County will announce the winners of the Judy Phillips Memorial Influencer in Aging Award. The award honors Judy Phillips and her legacy of passionate work for senior citizens. It will recognize those in the community whose work demonstrates creative, impactful and strong advocacy for the senior citizens.
Tammy Dickman and Mona Dickmann from the Washington County Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) are nominated.


Tammy has been with the organization 13 years, including when it was referred to as the Office on Aging. “Back then we just focused on senior citizens,” she said. “Now, as ADRC, we also include people with disabilities.”

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Tammy teaches classes for caregivers who watch over people who have some form of dementia. “We teach caregivers how to take care of themselves and help them plan for the future,” she said. “We have people who come back time after time, because they just find a lot of relief and information from these classes.”

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The “powerful tools classes” are for caregivers to help them remember, they have to take care of themselves first.

“If they don’t take care of themselves, they aren’t going to be able to be there for their care partner,” said Mona.

The classes focus on stress management and most importantly communication skills.

“Finding ways to help you to talk to your care partner, so that they don’t take offense to some of the things you might say, or to talk to the doctors and other family members in order to ask them to chip in and get some help,” she said.

ADRC in Washington County provides assistance to thousands of people each year.

Both Tammy and Mona said to be included in an award in honor of Judy Phillips is an honor itself.

“Just to have Judy’s name spoken in the same sentence as mine. She was a wonderful lady who I know was out there to help people,” said Mona. “Judy was out here in the community and I feel very strongly about being here for caregivers, and for the elderly and disabled in Washington.”

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The Judy Phillips Memorial Influencers in Aging Award will be May 24, 2022, at the Maurin Center at Lac Lawrann, West Bend, WI.

Awards will be presented for Creative Expression, Community Impact, and Aging Advocacy.

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