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Answers to questions about Safer at Home Order | By Germantown Police Chief Mike Snow

Germantown, WI – Since Wednesday, March 25 the Germantown Police Department has received a number of questions regarding the Governor’s “Safer at Home” Order.  Germantown Police Chief Mike Snow thought it might be useful to post some of the most frequently asked questions and the responses.

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It is important to remember the intent of the order is to slow down the spread of infection to ensure our healthcare resources are not overwhelmed to the point where we cannot care for those most in need. The order directs us to follow practices, recommended by the CDC and other agencies, to aid in those efforts.

Q: Can local law enforcement enforce this Order?
A: Yes, this Order is enforceable by local government under Wis. Stat. § 252.25



Q: What efforts will the Germantown Police Department take to enforce this Order?
A: The goal of our department is to educate in order to gain compliance. Our agency does expect everyone to comply with a lawful order from a police officer, the same as any other contact. Our agency will take enforcement effort in cases where we do not gain immediate compliance.

Q: What is considered an essential business?
A: This is a long list, if you believe a business is in violation please contact us. We have already received calls regarding a number of businesses in Germantown that are exempted by the order. We are happy to take the call and answer any questions you have. Click HERE for the list.

Q: Do I need documentation or special identification to leave my residence?
A: No, our officers understand that there are any number of exemptions that would permit people to be out and about. We simply ask that you follow the order and only leave your home for those exemptions outlined in the Order.





Q: What if I need to pay a ticket or have an inspection notice checked?
A: Please do not come to our lobby if it is not an emergency. We are in the process of releasing any outstanding Inspection Notices. We still expect you to correct the violation, but you do not need to have the notice signed off or sent in. Regarding municipal citations or traffic citations please contact Mid-Moraine Court at (262) 334-5700.

Q: Can we play basketball?
A: No, basketball is a team sport that is explicitly prohibited by the Order. Remember the intent of the order is to minimize contact. We encourage you to get outside. Take a walk or a jog but remember all team sports are prohibited.

Q: Are golf courses open (I’ll admit this was one of my first questions)
A: No, this is another activity that is prohibited under the order.

Q: What about the April 7th Spring Election?
A: The order did not address the spring election; it is still on. The Village of Germantown is strongly encouraging residents to Vote Absentee by Mail for the election. For further details visit: https://www.village.germantown.wi.us/CivicAlerts.aspx….

If you have any other questions regarding the Order please do not hesitate to call us. We understand there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the next few weeks. Please know we will get through this and emergency service and other essential services will be there for you.

Please check on elderly neighbors and those that are at a heightened risk if exposed, they may be reluctant to leave the house for essential needs. If you are in that category, call us, I promise we will get you the services/supplies you need.

Chief Mike Snow

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  1. Tennis, especially singles, where it is only you on one side of a net and your opponent is on the other side seems to be an acceptable activity. WouLd like your opinion/comment.

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