VIDEO | Slinger students praise ease of virtual schooling | By Delaney Braun

March 27, 2020 – Slinger, WI – Students in the Slinger School District are adapting well to their new routine of virtual learning. Delaney Braun is a freshman at Slinger High School. She submitted the video and story below about her new normal and how she’s moving her education forward.

“I have never had to do school work at home but I’ve taken a few steps. I’ve made a schedule that gives me an outline of what I need to get done in a day. I call it my CORONA schedule; it’s not really strict but it gives me details on what I need to do. I feel I get a better quality education when I have face-to-face interaction with the teachers.

School schedule at Slinger High School

“The teachers have been using videos and livestreams. Most of the time teachers post by 8 a.m. and we watch slideshows and video. We also Google Duo where you can go in and have group facetime and ask questions and take notes and get clarification.  It’s easier than trying to interpret emails.

“This is Google classroom, my virtual school. (below) This is where I would say normally 75% of my work happens anyways. Even in normal school, most of our homework is assigned and turned in here. Teachers can post videos, documents, and other resources to study and do schoolwork. You are able to talk to students in the same class as you and post resources you find yourself to help others out. Now, 100% of my work takes place here.”

Virtual schooling screen

“I can still email my teacher and I normally hear right back; that’s the same with my classmates.”

“Overall I feel I’m getting the same education I would in a normal school setting; it’s been a little different but I trust my teachers and I feel I’m doing fine.”

  I also included a few pictures of what my school space looks like now.:)  Here’s my “stash” of schoolwork set up next to my desk in my room.
School work
Below is the video from Tuesday, March 24 in Slinger as teachers from the Elementary School drove the bus route with signs and cheers as they waived to students.

Click below to view the Slinger School Board candidate forum. There are four people running for two seats on the Slinger School Board.


Town of West Bend ballot

Town of West Bend ballot


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