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Person responsible for arrow at Hartford playground steps forward | By Hartford Police

April 24, 2024 – Hartford, Wi – Hartford Police have resolved an incident where an arrow was found this week on some playground equipment at Centennial Park.
Police said law enforcement with Washington County received a phone call Monday around 5:28 p.m. saying someone shot an arrow at the playground equipment at Centennial Park. An officer responded and met with the caller, who stated she heard a “ping” sound and a child who was playing on the playground equipment, said they found an arrow.
The caller showed the officer where she believed the arrow impacted the equipment. There were no other arrows located in the area. It is believed the arrow was released from an area north of Centennial Park.


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CITY ORDINANCE 41.02 – DISCHARGING AND CARRYING FIREARMS “(a) No person, except a Peace or Law Enforcement Officer or member of the Military in the line of duty as defined in Wisconsin Statutes, shall fire or discharge any firearm, rifle, spring gun, air gun (whether a missile is expelled by compressed air, gas or chemical), electric weapon, bow and arrow, crossbow, sling shot, or blow gun within the City of Hartford except: 1. in areas designated as a shooting range by the Common Council. 2. in areas approved by any school authority or the Recreation Department. 3. when lawfully hunting with a bow and arrow or crossbow at a distance greater than 100 yards, from a building located on another person’s land as described in §29.038(3)(b)1.a. This restriction does not apply if the person who owns the land on which the building is located allows the hunter to hunt within 100 yards of the building. A person who discharges a bow and arrow or crossbow within the City of Hartford is required to discharge the arrow or bolt from the respective weapon toward the ground.”
This city ordinance also applies to “ORBEEZ” style gel blasters.
Police indicated this was an “isolated incident” and Wednesday afternoon authorities said the individual responsible / owner of the arrow came forward and is fully cooperating. Police said, “at this point, the incident appears accidental.”

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