Baby, it’s c-c-c-c-cold outside! Temperatures are dipping to single digits. Where to find a warming shelter.

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weather-temps-12-13-2016Dec. 13, 2016 – Washington Co., WI -As Wisconsin experiences its first single-digit cold snap, some folks may be looking for a place to warm up in Washington County and beyond.

Monday night saw a frigid -3 degrees with expected highs on Saturday and Sunday to be -2 and -10 respectively.


Nighttime wind chills on Wednesday are forecast to be -10 to -20 degrees below zero.


If you see or know someone in need of a place to warm up, CLICK HERE to find the list of warming shelters in Washington County posted on the county website.

In West Bend, the Senior Center and Public Library are warming shelters that are open during the week during regular business hours, with the library open on Saturday as well.

In the outlying areas, a warming shelter may be found in Fond du lac at the new location at Salvation Army’s division headquarters.

Dodge County and Ozaukee County do not currently have any designated warming shelters, but those who need a place to warm up may utilize the local library during open hours.

Wisconsin’s government website, ReadyWisconsin, states, “Staying in heated areas is the easiest way to protect your health during periods of extreme cold. Consider visiting public buildings like malls, libraries and community centers if your home is insufficiently heated. Call 211 for information about resources specific to your local area.”

Because environmental cold is felt less by the elderly, and their ability to control and regulate body temperature is reduced, checking on those who live alone or are shut-ins, as well as those who may be ill may especially need someone checking in on them during this time.


Graphic courtesy Fox6 weather.

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