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Behind the scenes: Butzlaff tries the “Toyota jump”

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During today’s United Way Banquet luncheon James Butzlaff, 53, walked away the winner of a new Toyota Corolla, courtesy Legendary Whitetails and the Russ Darrow Group. “I got the key in my gift bag – the others got a Hot Wheel car,” he said.

The most he’d ever won, was a four wheeler.

Dressed in black pants and a heavy grey sweater, Butzlaff agreed to try and recreate the popular 1980s “Oh-what-a-feeling-Toyota-jump” commercial.


A look behind the scenes – they made it seem easy on TV.   Butzlaff got a running start.  We tried a couple times to catch him in flight.


Once, obviously, was operator error behind the camera.  “Can’t you just take a simple photo?” he asked… huffing and puffing a bit.


The simple answer was yes. I had already rattled off a couple dozen photos – but, it was some unexpected entertainment and folks would agree – you can’t just let a guy walk out with a new car and not earn it.

Thanks Jim! You made my day…..



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