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As Big Boy preps to open in Germantown… what are your favorite menu memories?

June 6, 2021 – Germantown, Wi – Word is out that Big Boy restaurant is coming to Germantown. According to a press release from Chaz Hastings the iconic restaurant will be in the former Jerry’s Old Town, N116W15841 Main Street Germantown, WI 53022.

big boy

Growing up… where were your favorite Big Boy locations? There was one on Capital Drive just east of the TMJ 4 studio. Another in Shorewood was on Oakland Avenue (wasn’t it just down the street from Kohl’s Food Store?) and there was one on Port Washington Road in Glendale just south of Echo Bowl.

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Best thing on the menu? When the waitress brought your milk and a paper cup of chocolate syrup so you could mix your own chocolate milk.

Big boy

    Click HERE for history on Big Boy restaurants. 

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  1. Where is the diamond Jim’s sandwich. Where is the original cream cheese pie with sour cream topping. Where is the fish and chips. This does not look like a big boy menu. It looks like a Germantown when you throw a big boy on the menu.

  2. I used to work for Big Boy for many years/many locations. I was so excited to hear it was makin a comeback until I realized it really wasn’t. I guess with all the hype, I was expecting the original Big Boy (not the just sandwich). I was hoping to see their original menu….Diamond Jim, Brawny Lad, their amazing creamy cheese pie, Chicken Gumbo soup, etc. When Jerry’s Old Town decides to retire its menu rather than promoting under the name of Big Boy, I just may take a chance on making a reservation. Until they can decide if they want to return a legacy restaurant or continue being a BBQ shack, I’m out.

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