Big changes ahead at Galactic McDonald’s in West Bend


August 15, 2018 – West Bend, WI – If you were a fan of the Galactic McDonald’s, 1140 S. Main Street in West Bend, you may want to pay a last visit as changes are ahead.

The golden arches will undergo a large remodel which includes removing the galactic theme and changing the kids’ play area.

Plans were released in March. Click HERE for details.

Owner Steve Kilian Jr. said the galactic playground will be removed and a new playland with interactive technology will be put in its place.

“The galactic theme will be going away,” said Kilian Jr. “McDonald’s is going with a more modern, contemporary theme. We’re still going to keep a kids play area but it will more relevant to today’s kids.”


Kilian Jr. said there will still be an area for kids to runaround and play.

“There will not be a ball pit but there will be a climbing apparatus within the play land,” said Kilian Jr.

The changes will take place this month.  Kilian Jr. said their goal is to “remain open during construction.”


On a history note: The Galactic McDonald’s first opened Feb. 28, 1996.

“I was there when the special sauce for the Big Mac was mixed at the store and when the Hamburgler crawl thing, bouncy fry girls and metal slides were in the outdoor play land,” Sharon Ruplinger said recalling how they had to shut down the play area when it was “real hot because kids would burn their legs.”

Click HERE for more local history on the Galactic McDonald’s and the Morning Ladies.



  1. “Interactive technology,” and “relevant to today’s kids,” just sounds like more kids sitting around staring into screens. Not a lot of physical activity available to kids, especially during winter…the playland was really nice for that. A shame.

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