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Letter to the Editor | Bill Brewer will bring integrity to Slinger School Board | By Tracy Hennes

March 23, 2024 – Washington Co, WI – Slinger School District Residents would be wise to get to know the real Bill Brewer and vote him to the Slinger School Board in this election. 


During 18 years of work in education and 14 years serving as a school board member in a neighboring district, I’ve had countless experiences with educational and political leaders in Wisconsin. I’ve witnessed what healthy research and reflection can do for schools. A year ago I was expressing some frustrations to a friend about the current state of some practices and partisan politics in education seeming to take priority over open factual discussion about what’s best for students.  My friend recommended I contact Bill Brewer.  I’ve now spent the last year getting to know Bill Brewer and his wife, Cindi. 

I am very confident in saying a vote for Bill Brewer is a vote for a man of integrity who will bring people together for meaningful and honest discussions and decisions based upon what’s best for students, families, schools, community, and future. We need more leaders who are not afraid to look at less than desirable data and information to have tough discussions for the greater good. Bill Brewer has solid faith, a servant heart, cares deeply, and sees the value in bringing various perspectives together. He is a wise and honest man who has served as a pastor, coach, President of Slinger Gridiron, speaker for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a pilot in the US Air Force. I urge voters to make educated voting decisions. Get to know Bill Brewer and what he stands for. If you have questions, ask him. You can contact him at billforslingerschoolboard@gmail.com or find him on Facebook at “Friends of Bill Brewer”. 

Vote for Bill Brewer April 2.

Tracy Hennes
Hubertus, WI


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