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Book on Timmer’s Resort a great Christmas gift


Nov. 14, 2018 – Big Cedar Lake, WI – Barbara Johnson’s book ‘Timmer’s Resort at Big Cedar Lake…A Journey Through Time’ is available, just in time for Christmas.

“Just like when you see a baby I saw it (the book) and it was beautiful,” Johnson said.

“We got so many nice quotes and anecdotes from people,” she said. “There was so much love that went into writing this, not only from the Timmer family or George and Judi to all the photos that were submitted it just all stemmed from a love of this place.”

The 125-page book is rich with history, nostalgic black-and-white photos and stories that hearken to the day of kerosene lamps, chambermaids, and carefree summer afternoons spent on Big Cedar Lake.






The most exciting discovery, according to Johnson, was the actual sale/purchase of the property.

“The land that Timmer’s Resort originally bought was the first parcel of land ever sold in the Town of West Bend,” she said. “The land speculator realized the potential of that area but the fact that was the first piece of land and then it stuck in that family for 150 years is amazing.”

This is Johnson’s second book. Her first, Big Cedar Lake- A Guide to Her Past and Present, was published in 2007.






“This book, with Timmer’s Bay and the outlet area, was like a coming home with the spiritual curiosity I always had about the place,” she said.

It took Johnson a year to complete the book. During her research she made contact with about 150 people.

Her daughter, Katherine Paulin, helped with layout and design and the printing was completed by Briggs & Stratton Graphic Services.

‘Timmer’s Resort at Big Cedar Lake…A Journey Through Time’ can be purchased at GPMS, 2412 W Washington St, West Bend (cash or check). Also at Timmer’s Resort or email Barbara Johnson at [email protected]

The book sells for $28.40 + tax for an even $30.

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