Celebrate 10-year anniversary at Cafe Soeurette in West Bend



Nov. 11, 2017 – West Bend, WI – Head chef and restaurant owner Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach and the staff at Cafe Soeurette want you to join them in celebrating 10 years in business.

A personal note from Jodi is below…

10 years is a long time in this crazy industry!!

To be honest I wasn’t sure if I would make it a year!! We have helped our customers Celebrate so much in the last 10 years.
Weddings, life celebrations, birthdays, anniversary, engagements, holidays, business accomplishments, the list goes on and on!!

What I truly hope for this Saturday is, I don’t care about coming in and having dinner I really just want to see all the faces I love, care about, and haven’t seen in a while, past and present employees, and all those I see on a weekly basis! I truly want to celebrate all of you that have made these 10 years possible!!

I Want To Celebrate YOU! You people made this happen!

So in the words of my son, Drake, from one of his favorite movies, “let’s make this the Biggest, the Loudest, the craziest Party Ever!!”
So share this, tag people, and I’ll see you all tonight!

On a side note: One of the first articles written about this new business, Cafe Soeurette, was written by me. Aside from highlighting the pumpkin ravioli and the blackened scallops there was a short blurb in the column that ‘Cafe Soeurette has a separate bar area with smoking allowed.’  My how things have changed in 10 short years.  Congratulations Jodi and the crew at Cafe Soeurette!

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