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Cheese Curdles by Judith Ann Moriarty – The Storyteller

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Okay, so Eddie L. finally scored for The Pack. Watching the Cheese heads curdle, was too much of a disaster, and besides that, we’re going to have a big storm this week. I’m ready though, salt. Check. Shovel. Check. Boots, etc.

Check, check. I can handle the snow, sleet and ice way better than I can handle the icing underway in Arizona; in the stadium my son calls “Lambeau West.” He sent me a pre-game Facebook image of his two boys wearing their Packer gear while grilling, what else? Brats.

What I don’t get, is how come Arizona is about the only team able to sack No. 12? Given the distinct possibility that the coaches of The Pack’s multiple opponents have enough smarts to figure out how Arizona managed to derail Rogers, I don’t get it. Don’t get it. Eddie L. rocks, however.

The WARNINGS about the coming storm stream across the bottom of my huge television, and the entire state if one big blob of pink. But hey, we have been spoiled rotten this season haven’t we? Some folks are still wearing flip-flops and shorts. The check out lady at Wal-Mart told me that she sees folks shopping in their pajamas and slippers. “Because,” she said, “they are too lazy to get dressed.” I can’t believe people would shop in their jammies. Maybe it’s a trend.

I fixed ham and yams for Christmas dinner and tonight made a great soup from leftover bits of this and that. With a storm approaching, it’s always good to load up on soup.

Well, Gol Dang, how in the world is coach Mike going to ‘splain this terrible defeat? You can’t blame everything on No. 12. Has anyone noticed that Clay Matthews has changed the color of his tresses? He’s gone from streaked blonde to burnished brown. At one time I think he was a strawberry blonde, heavy on red highlights.

Oh no. Arizona just scored again! Mike M. looks stunned. Joe Buck suggests Aaron be pulled out, I mean after all, The Pack will need him for the playoffs. Yes?

The street outside my window is lined with houses sporting a variety of Packer flags, banners, etc. I don’t have any Packer stuff, but for Christmas I gave each of my kids handmade green-and-gold beaded and woven Packer bracelets, special ordered from Xpressions downtown. What a great shop.

I told my family to wear their bracelets because the bracelets were charmed and armed with good luck karma. Gee Whiz Bang. Maybe they haven’t been wearing them.

Cheese Whiz folks. Cheese Whiz.

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