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Chix 4 a Cause going viral with Purple Hair Challenge

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Jillian Clark, Visionary Founder/CEO of Chix 4 a Cause LTD, is challenging everyone in the West Bend community and beyond to temporarily color their hair lavender in support of cancer patients.

“As part of the Leadership Greater West Bend program I enrolled in, I’m putting together a project to benefit Chix 4 a Cause’s Gifts of Love program,” Clark explains.


“As a tie-in with April 1 being April Fool’s Day, the city of West Bend has officially proclaimed April as ‘Cancer’s Not Fooling Around and Neither Are We’ month. I want the entire community involved in showing support for cancer patients by temporarily dying or streaking their hair purple or adding a purple hair extension. You can then post a picture or video on a special Facebook page we’re setting up and/or make a financial contribution to benefit Chix 4 a Cause’s Gifts of Love program.”


Clark founded Chix 4 a Cause after three close friends and her grandmother were diagnosed with the disease in 2004. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization provides Gifts of Love to people in southeast Wisconsin battling cancer. Gifts are unique to each individual’s needs, valued up to $1500, and might include such things as a mortgage/rent payment, gas or grocery cards, a weekend getaway, or taxi rides.


“Everyone’s been touched by cancer in one way or another. It’s a physically and emotionally debilitating disease that often causes people to isolate from family, friends, and the community. We at Chix 4 a Cause want cancer patients to know we care about and support them during their battle. Whether it’s emotional or financial assistance, we’re here to fill cancer patients’ needs.”

Clark is kicking off the Purple Hair Challenge by streaking her hair before April 1. For the less daring but equally supportive, purple hair extensions will be for sale through Chix 4 a Cause and other local businesses.

Clark is going viral with the movement.

“I’m involving my friends in the media to raise awareness for Chix 4 a Cause and how we help cancer patients during their battle. We’re producing a commercial to promote our Purple Hair Challenge. We want cancer patients to know they don’t have to fight their disease alone. They have an entire community behind them.”

Financial contributions for the Gifts of Love program may be made through Chix 4 a Cause’s Purple Hair Challenge Facebook page or at www.chix4acause.org.

Please help show your support for cancer patients by taking part in the Purple Hair Challenge.

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