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Live More at Cedar Community | Time, Talents and Treasures with Leon Krug | By Carrie Sturn

Washington County, WI – Leon Krug’s journey is a blend of musical passion, artistic creativity, and a commitment to community service. His early exposure to music—through his older brother—began his passion for the guitar. Leon is a self-taught musician who learned to play electric guitar at around 10 years old, beginning with a few chords and melodies. Growing up in the Beatles era, Leon learned their songs and transitioned from an electric to acoustic guitar—a sound he liked better.
Leon Krug is a resident at Cedar Community in West Bend, WI

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In his late teens and early twenties, Leon, along with his brother, took their musical talents from local bars and wedding venues in Washington County and northern Milwaukee to the recording studio. A significant turning point in Leon’s musical journey came when he and his brother recorded an album.

They had a friend whose father had a recording studio in his house. The album was a mix of cover songs and original music they wrote in the style of pop-country and pop-folk compositions. “It was during the early eighties and we had so much fun recording,” said Leon.

Their albums were sold at Peaches, a popular record store in Milwaukee, and The Exclusive Company in West Bend. The local radio station was also playing their music. The album was in the top 10 of record sales at Peaches. But, when it came time to collect their profits…

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